Dog walkies!

Oh how I love Saturdays, on a Saturday Darwin and I meet up with the Lovely Sarah and her two labs and go walkies.

Today we went to Sherwood Pines and we walked about 2 miles I think. Darwin was so well behaved for him. He came back when called and didn't jump up on anyone. =) He was so pretty and clean before we arrived in Sherwood Pines, his white patches were white, now he's crunchy and brown, but I can't be bothered forcing him to have another bath when he's so tired. Poor wee pup. So I'll just brush out the mud. I suppose three bigish dogs running loose (sans leads) might be a bit scary for small kiddies, I doubt there was a need for the Kid on the climbing framey thing to SQUEAL like a stuck pig cause Darwin was sitting at the bottom doing "wave" obviously in an attempt to share some of said kid's crisps. Darwin is partial to crispies!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we shall go on another walk I feel. He loves walking and I love walking with him, that AND the fact that he's tired out afterwards! I think tomorrow we shall walk from my street along the route in the picture.

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 I <3 that there is so much country side near me. =) 

The yobs and the fact that my fence and gate have both died a death, suck, but the nice places to walk make it almost worth it!  


Creative babblings of a confuddled mind

I have decied I wanna get back into doing some writing. I hate that everything I used to enjoy has fallen by the wayside so, as I haven't written anything but lesson plans and worksheets in a while please forgive the crudeness. 

I have no idea exactly where this is going, but it's a start. Feel free to offer constructive criticism etc, but remember "I'm a science teacher not an english teacher".  ^_~

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Popping back

I've been gone for a while as I have been crazy busy. I got married, it was lovely. I went to prague, that was beautiful. Xmas came and went, it was restful. 

I have been working so hard lately that I just haven't had time for me, but I've decided to attempt to allow me some me time, so I am about reading things, maybe I'll come out of lurkdom, maybe not, but I'm still here and not dead. =]

I've had an utter shit week and I am all out of tears and all out of careing so here's to a month or two of fucking total apathy.

/end transmission


You're on my F list, tell me about you.

YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine ... You're on my list, so I want to know you better!


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The Big News

Right, time to make this f***er public. 

G and I are getting married, October 22nd in our hometown. 

*happy dance* 

That is all, please continue with your regularly scheduled memes and randomness. =) 


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I'm here

Who needs me? Who missed me? 

I have been away attempting to cook rabbit (fucked that up), showing the Baron Nottingham Life (and cable cars to secret Nazi Hideaways*) and generally enjoying my time off school and not having much time for the internet dealing with the puppy from hell, shoulda called him Cerberus rather than Darwin.

Heights of abraham.

So. **Waving like a loon** Hi. 

*So secret we couldn't find it.